10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I wrote June’s roundup of podcast lessons. Now it’s already almost August! I loved recording each episode of The Blonde Files Podcast this month. It was full of beauty advice, all things gut health, how to live more spiritually and positive and the realities of addiction and recovery. Definitely check out each episode if you haven’t already. Thanks for tuning in!


-In the moment, it’s impossible to know you have a problem.

-Addiction doesn’t have to be about drugs or alcohol. Whether it’s sex, drugs, alcohol, work, exercising or anything that takes you out of your norm and prevents you from hitting your ultimate goals, it’s something worth looking at. It’s all about having a healthy balance!


-When choosing a cosmetic surgeon, make sure they’re good AND specialize in the surgery you want. A surgeon who’s excellent with tummy tucks may not be very good with rhinoplasties.

-If you’re younger, SKIP the lip lift! Younger women have a tendency to overheal because their skin has more collagen, which can lead to very poor scaring.

-Filler migration is 100% REAL! Our faces are in constant motion and animation, so the filler will move and spread around.


-Brands have to think about diversity as a requirement, not an option. That’s how we can bring allies into the industry – and everyone needs to be an advocate for change to happen.

-Having peace is important – and you have to have it in order to see your life shift. Get into the realm of abundance, being OK with where you are today and getting excited about what’s to come. Take 5 minutes out of your day to visualize and manifest the life and things you want!

-If you attach yourself to negative thoughts, those thoughts become your reality. You can observe negative thoughts but it’s important to detach yourself before you starting holding onto them for too long. Surrendering and trusting in the universe sometimes brings better results!


-What you do today can change the balance of your gut microbiomes by tomorrow – and it all depends on your lifestyle. So the foods you eat, your sleep habits, exercise levels, stress levels, how much time you spend outside, etc.

-Fiber is the preferred food for your gut and the best way to heal it! Fiber feeds the living microorganisms that are living inside us (aka probiotics). Which makes fiber the best prebiotic.

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