Arielle Lorre is a lifestyle, wellness, and health influencer in the digital space.  Six years ago, that was far from the case. After nearly losing her battle against addiction, Arielle decided to turn her life around by relentlessly pursuing health and happiness.

In 2016, Arielle made her Instagram debut, which lead to the creation of her semi-eponymous website, The Blonde Files, in 2018. Arielle’s distinct voice and candor immediately distinguished the platform from others in the space. The Blonde Files quickly became a unique online destination, where Arielle continues to explore her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and the beautiful road that lies ahead, post-recovery.

Since launching, Arielle has leveraged her visibility and unique personal story to explore
a variety of lifestyle and wellness topics, including gut and hormonal health, nutrition, beauty,
mental health, and relationships.

Hitting rock bottom was just the beginning.
Welcome to the Blonde Files.


How did you manage your wellness routines when you travel?

It depends whether I’m traveling for business or pleasure, but I don’t deviate from my normal morning and nightly routines: journaling, praying and meditating. Other than that, I drink tons of water (always) and just try to balance eating foods that make me feel good while also enjoying the culture of wherever I am. And I walk everywhere if i can.

How do you take care of your skin and hair?

For my skin I can’t live without vitamin C with ferulic acid, vitamin A serum and/or a retinoid, glycolic acid serum, a good moisturizer and SPF. For my hair I wash every 3-4 days, get regular Pura Luxe treatments, use minimal heat and sleep with Olaplex oil.

What’s your astrological sign?

Leo through and through!


What kind of exercise do you do?

I listen to my body and do whatever feels good to me on any given day, whether it’s Pilates or a HIIT workout. It’s all about aligning my workouts with my energy.

Do you follow a meal plan?

No. I eat intuitively (after many years of dieting).

How did you heal your gut?

This is a long answer. Definitely check out all my blog posts on #guthealth to learn more. I also have an Instagram highlight and a few podcast episodes that cover that topic.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Currently Gossip Girl, Kristin Hannah books and WW2 romancy novels. Obviously I love chocolate and french fries and 90’s music, all of that, but I don’t feel one iota of guilt about it!

What wellness products could you never live without?

Too many to choose! I consider my morning matcha (with collagen) a wellness product so definitely that! Also my 5-minute journal to start and end the day. And my skincare heroes (see above).

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite trips I've taken would have to be Vietnam and Africa, but I love to hop down to Cabo to take a breather from LA life.

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