10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

I hope everyone had a great month! The end of April means another roundup of lessons from The Blonde Files Podcast. This month, we talked about the power of lifestyle and nutrition as medicine; today’s beauty standards and finding body acceptance; rising above toxicity and building the life of your dreams; and overcoming addiction and shame. If you missed March’s episodes and roundup of lessons, definitely go back and check them out here!


-When it comes to helping someone who is struggling with addiction, let them know that they are loved and being heard and just talk about all the good things you see in them. Oftentimes, when we find out somebody close to us is in the throes of addiction, we become emotional and very reactive, and we try to fix it right away. What we don’t realize is that you can’t fix a long-term problem with a short-term solution. Make them feel safe, ask them what they need and let them tell you.

-People’s external world reflects how they feel about themselves internally – and people can only make decisions based on their current level of consciousness. Your environment has the power to create a false sense of normalcy, so if you’re consciously unaware of what’s going on, you’re creating this new normal for yourself.


-The work of manifestation is to reprogram your subconscious mind – and to do that, you have to pull any memories associated with negative thoughts and feelings from your subconscious mind to the forefront of your conscious brain in order to build a new relationship with it and rewire your beliefs.

-We can manifest as much as we want but God, or your source, is still in charge. There is something that’s a higher power that will always win no matter how hard we try to manifest.


-Food is a gateway drug to the other pillars, or foundations, of wellness.

-Your diet doesn’t have a huge impact after one day or one week; it’s not massively changed by the inclusion of superfoods. It’s all about the changes you can sustain over time. So if you can only change one thing and commit to that, that’s one of the best things you can do.

-Refined sugars in small amounts (we’re talking 3-4 tsp a day) is unlikely to do any damage. When it comes to natural sugars, like in whole fruits, the sugars are constructed in a manner that’s absorbable for us. That means natural sugar absorbs slower in our digestive systems so we don’t have those spikes of sugar in our blood.


-When we’re talking about binge eating, restricting, etc., we have to realize that it’s not actually about the food. The eating patterns you’re in are a symptom of something else that’s going on underneath – internally or emotionally. Using a stomachache as an example, the pain is the symptom; that’s the messenger in the body letting you know that something is going on and it’s asking you to pay attention. The actual issue is that you ate something that you shouldn’t have, your period’s coming, you’re stressed and overwhelmed, etc. The symptom is the pain and the actual problem is whatever caused the pain.

-To rebuild your relationship with food and your body, ask yourself, “What am I hungry for that can’t be solved in the fridge?” and “What am I craving that can’t be solved in the kitchen?” See what bubbles up for you!

-If you’re struggling to get over food guilt, think of the nasty voice that pops into your head – the one that says, “You’ll never get in control,” “You’re so lazy,” “You’re not motivated,” “Why did you just eat that?” – as your “fearful friend.” Imagine that voice as being separate from you. Give her a name and some descriptions; what does she look like, how does she spend her day, how does she live her life, who does she surround herself with. Most likely, when you start to imagine the life your fearful friend has, it’s not the life you’re aiming for.

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