Pumpkin Spiced Twix Cups

Raise your hand if this pumpkin spiced Twix cup makes all your dreams come true!


Cookie base:

3/4 cup coconut flour ⁣

3 tbsp maple syrup ⁣

1 tsp vanilla ⁣

1/4 tsp salt⁣

Caramel layer:⁣

1/2 cup cashew butter, warmed⁣

1/3 cup maple syrup ⁣

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice ⁣

Chocolate layer:⁣

Hu Kitchen gems


Combine ingredients for cookie base and press into 6 muffin tins (lined with parchment paper)⁣

Bake at 350 Fahrenheit for 7ish minutes (just until lightly golden around edges⁣)

⁣Combine ingredients for caramel layer and pour evenly over cookie base⁣

Melt the gems and pour over caramel layer

Refrigerate for an hour before serving!⁣

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