My Protein Oat Blob

I know a lot of you are into this protein oat blob that I eat daily… it’s truly my favorite thing that I look forward to every morning so here’s EXACTLY how to do it!⁣


1/3 cup oats ⁣

About 3/4 cup water⁣

Pinch of salt⁣

1 scoop vanilla Rookie protein (it’s the best) 17g pea protein, 9 amino acids and over 25 vitamins and minerals making it a complete protein (you can use ARIELLE15 For 15% off)⁣

Whatever toppings you like!⁣


Combine water and oats and simmer over medium/low heat, stirring frequently.

Add a little pinch of sea salt⁣.

Once done, oats should be so thick you are thinking, there’s no way I can blend a scoop of protein in here! YOU CAN!⁣

Add protein and stir really well until you have your blob⁣.

Add whatever toppings you like and enjoy!⁣

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