Fish Tacos

I had tacos last night, today for lunch and now again for dinner but that’s ok, I’m putting the mahi mahi that I panic bought a month ago (it was the only thing in the store) to good use. This is barely a recipe but a bunch of you asked for it soo here you go! You could use this method with any kind of fish; it’s so delicious and takes 10 mins!


Fish of choice

Spices: cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, pepper, oregano, mustard, cumin, cardamom, ginger (a tiny pinch of each—this is a DIY kind of blackened seasoning) ⁣

For tacos I used lettuce, Siete Foods almond wraps, guacamole and cashew queso ⁣


Heat oil over a cast iron skillet until piping hot⁣

Place fish down, skin side up and let it brown for 3-5 mins without touching it⁣

Flip, season and continue cooking until flaky ⁣

Throw in a wrap/lettuce and add random s$@% and enjoy! ⁣

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